Other Category of Humanitarian Help:

1).  Shelter: (total beneficiaries :40)

SO trained 40 girls in nursing, computer and English language, these 40 girls were deported fromIran border.

2).  Emergency Help (Beneficiaries :197,000 (1994-2006)

5,230 tons of food (including rice, ghee, tea, sugar, potatoes and beans) were distributed to 101,400 poor and vulnerable returnee families (former refugees in Pakistan and Iran) in Kabul, Ghazni, Bamyan, Oruzgan, Daikundi and Wardak Provinces. 150,000 quilts were distributed to 75,000 individual Afghan refugees in Quetta, Pakistan, university hostels, and to people in Bamyan, Baghlan, Ghazni, Wardak, Maimana, and Mazar provinces.  During the Taliban regime SO distributed food to 20,000 female students (those who were refugees in Quetta, Pakistan and residents in Jaghoori, Ghazni, and distributed 600 tents to 600 displaced families in Afghanistan and beyond.

3).  Agriculture: (Beneficiaries: 1,240)
SO distributed wheat among 300 families, vegetable seeds to 100 women and 800 fruit plants for 40 families in Bamyan and Ghoor.

4).  Environmental Protection: (Beneficiaries: 17,045)
17,045 male and female students, teachers and community elders received training workshops on environmental protection awareness in Bamyan and Ghoor Provinces. 750 fruit and non-fruit trees were planted in 25 schools in Bamyan and Ghoor.

5).  Provision of Clean Water: (Beneficiaries: 16,100)
SO dug 117 wells and installed hand pumps for needy people in various provinces of Afghanistan and two water supply systems in Kamati area in center of Bamyan province.

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