Child Protection

Child Protection


Three decades of war resulted in a high number of people dying or missing. Many children lost their parents or were separated from them. Other families lost their breadwinners and as a result became dependent on other extended family members. Since the economic condition of an average family in the region is very weak, these additional children are often treated as household servants. Orphans are used extensively as free child labor and remain in exploited economic situations throughout their lives. The destitute families of these unfortunate children are often unable, or in rare cases do not attempt to provide any educational opportunities for them.

Orphans girls are in a particularly vulnerable position, and are often forced to marry at early age whoever, their family chooses for them (the choice often involves monetary transactions).

Shuhada Organization (SO) has established four orphanages under the title of Samar Orphanages, two in Jaghori district of Ghazni province and two in center of Bamyan province, where a number of 317 child were supported with appropriate accommodation, food, education and health services, out of which 203 (Girls 81- Boys 122) orphans are currently being supported by SO at Samar Orphanages. see projects detail in below:


5.1. Samar Orphanages in Jaghori and Bamyan:

SO has supported 203 (Girls 81; Boys 122) orphans and widows in its four orphanages located in Bamyan and Ghazni provinces, from whom a number of four  girls and 11 boys graduated from high school in 2015 and these four orphanages are run by four teachers, five administrative and 15 supporting staff.

Children in the orphanage attend public school throughout the year. In addition, permanent teachers are recruited to support the children with their school work and encourage and direct them towards independent study fields such as anthropology, theatre, literature, painting, cooking, knitting, sports, and regular English and computer courses. Children also conduct programs for poetry reading and debate sessions through the local radio station. However, SO helps to ensure that all orphans graduate from 12th grade and participate in university entrance examination. See below what SO Achieved in these 14 years of the child protection activities:

          –  Four girls and 11 boys graduated from high school in 2015

          – 10 boys and girls are currently studying at universities in different fields inside and outside of the country. 

          –  Two boys got their semi and higher education bachelor degrees in 2014

          –  Three boys got their bachelor degree in 2015.

          –  Three girls finished police academy course in Turkey

Overall 49 individuals (Girls: 12 – Boys: 37) Samar Orphanages’ graduated from high school since 2009 till 2015.

Beneficiaries: 203(Female: 81- Male: 122 Male)

Duration: 14 Years (Started in 2002 and Is Ongoing)

Location: Jaghoori District of Ghazni & Center of Bamyan Provinces

Donor: HCS


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