City Cleaning Campaign

City Cleaning Campaign

On September 15, 2019, Shuhada Organization (SO) conducted cleaning campaign of the City under the English Access Micro-scholarship Program (Access) in the Kart-e-Sulh town of Bamyan province. The aim of this cleaning campaign was to inspire and raise awareness in the communities to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment.  

The main participants of environment cleaning campaign were Access students with the participation of governmental and non-governmental officials including; the representative of the Provincial Education Directorate, the representative of the Bamyan Municipality, Lincoln Learning Center coordinator, Jesuit Refugee Service provincial program director in Bamyan, SO staff, Access Program management instructors, and coordinator. 

This event has been implemented into two-phases; first, the authorities spoke about a variety of issues including; environment, the importance of keeping the environment clean, environmental degradation and environmental pollution. Second, the Access students, SO provincial staff, instructors, and coordinator started the second phase of the campaign by cleaning up trash and garbage from the streets and roads of Kart-e-Sulh city of Bamyan.

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