Facilitation of Larger High School in Daikundi Province:

Facilitation of Larger High School in Daikundi Province:

Largar is a small village in Shahristan District of Daikundi province with around 4600 population. It is 50 km far from Nili city center of Daikundi province. Largar Girl’s High school was established as secondary school and has been officially registered with the Ministry of Education in 2005. It has been upgraded to high school in 2015. 558 students are studying currently at the school. For the first time, a group of students completed 12th grade in 2018.

The school has no building and the classes are held under tents, trees and open spaces, but it has a proper piece land donated by local community. The land has been leveled through genuine contribution of community members.

Based on the requests of local community and approval of line gov department, Shuhada organization with the financial support of Comitato Arghosha Faraway School (CAFS) started construction of the school building through a company on 17 May 2019.

The school building has 8 classrooms with 4 admin room and will be building according to norm and standard of Afghan Ministry of Education.

The foundation stone has been laid down in ceremony with  the participation of  provincial governor, deputy governor, district governor, relevant provincial government departments, provincial council members, teachers, student and parents, community elders, Shuhada Organization representative, construction company and media  on 17th May 2019.