Twin to twin transfusion

Twin to twin transfusion

(1- Premature + VLBW + Dextrocardia + Microcephalic + Anotia + N.N.Sepsis + Birth Asphyxia + NEC + DIC)
(2- Premature + LBW + N.N.Sepsis + Birth Asphyxia)

30 weeks female premature twins brought from Malistan district 1st was born with 1000 gr weight and her thin umbilical cord which was already separated from mother and her heart was at right side of chest, no right ear and no breathing, movement and crying after birth.
2nd was born few hours later with 1600 gr weight and few Gasping after birth and no ability to suck her mother’s breast.

After resuscitation and urgent work up they were admitted to NICU SHUHADA HOSPITAL. The 1st one unfortunately died after several days of management due to very critical condition and anomalies. 2nd baby fortunately discharged after 14 days of admission in hospital with good health and 2000 gr body weight.

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