My world

My world

I was living in a small, green and fresh village with my family, knowing nothing, but deeply involved in   my beautiful childhood world, wanted to draw every day of life nicer and more beautiful than the previous days, flying my childhood dreams on the wings of colorful spring butterfly.  But unfortunately ruinous civil war destroyed the castle of my dream. Writing of this story is hard for me because it causes to go back at my horrified life in the past. My past life which was meaningless when, kindness and mercifulness lost its path towards us. The time that I was waiting every dawn for the sunrise but, sun unkindly was rising late and later. Childhood was the best and the most beautiful days of my life. This time was very short for me, while I opened my eyes and recognized myself saw me with terror. With the demise of my Father, night increased his darkness and I felt as sky and earth are pressing me between them, I was breathing my last breaths. After that the star did not twinkle at me and the night did not tell me stories anymore. My father died but his wishes were stamped at my heart and his sound and words are my earrings. My father always said: my dear daughter! Get education, so I was struggling for better tomorrow with empty hands (was economically weak to seek knowledge) to fulfill my father’s wish in real. In a happy day my brother brought me happy news which was about our settlement in the Bamyan Samar Orphanage. I and my two younger brothers agreed to be live in the Orphanage. It was the happiness that knocked our door and a promising hope to reduce our sorrows. Settlement to the Samar Orphanage saved me from the darkness. In this Orphanage I have made my new secure home and my hope turned to life and I found myself that I am not the one whom I was before. I am not the girl to be isolated in the boundary wall and home. I have to wake up and move for a better life and try my best all day and night for achieving my holey target. Now I am a 12th grade student   at Sayed Abad girl’s high school build by Shuhada organization, I  am happy that I am living in Samar Orphanage and I feel honored that I have a mother and father such as Dr. Sima Samar and Mr. Abdul Ruff Naveed. They have nourished me with their kindness, core-hearted-love and knowledge. My mother (Dr. Sima Samar) is my shelter and her care on us is my hope and trust for my future. If I did not come to the Samar Orphanage, I don’t know what would happen to me and what fate would I was waiting for? Just God knows better.

My world, my life

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