Mr. Abdul Rauf Naveed

Mr. Abdul Rauf Naveed's Biography​

Mr. Abdul Rauf Naveed was born in 1954. He finished his primary school in his birth place, Chehel Baghto-e-Pashi village and Sultan Maudood High School (Current Abdul Ghafoor Sultani High School) in Sang-e-mash Jaghori district of Ghazni province. Mr. Naveed finished his high school from Lashkar Gah High School of Helmand province. He began his career in the accounting and human resources department of the carving and carpentry factory in Lashkar Gah Helmand province after completing high school. After two years, he served as the representative of the factory in Kabul for four years through the request of the factory directorship. He has been employed in the accounting and service departments for the past two years following the merger of the Lashkar Gah Carving and Carpentry Factory with the Pulcharkhi Carving and Carpentry Factory in Kabul. He returned to the Jaghori district following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and immigrated to Pakistan in 1982. In 1988, he established the Shuhada Organization in Quetta, Pakistan, along with a number of his colleagues. Since Shuhada’s founding, he has been in charge of the organization’s admin and finance department. He was the organization’s executive director from 2004 to 2016, and he is currently the senior advisor of the organization.