Who we are?

Shuhada organization is a non-profit and independent civil society organization. The organization is committed to the welfare and advancement of Afghan citizens, with a particular emphasis on the empowerment of women and children.

Our Partners


“Provision of good quality services in the health, education, and women economic empowerment sectors. To this end, SO has a common slogan which says “working for a better tomorrow”.


“The SO vision is to strive to see an aware, prosperous and healthy society in Afghanistan through providing high quality services in line with the principles of rule of law, social justice, peace and non-discrimination.”



Dr. Sima Samar

Mr. Abdul Rauf Naveed

Our Team

Female (65)
Male (128)
Total (193)
Intern (3)
Volunteer (3)

Our Board of Trustee

Dr. Najibullah Arshad

Dean of Economics Faculty (Kateb University)

Dr. Ibne Amin

Health Advisor (Ministry of Public Health)

Professor Abdul Hamid Layan

Dean of Engineering Faculty (Abu Raihan Institute of Higher Education)

Mr. Mohammad Fahim Hakimi

General Executive Director (Shuhada Organization)

Dr. Mohammad Naim Danish

Medical Doctor (Isteqlal Hospital)

Mr. Abdul Majid Majidi

Finance and Administrative Vice Chancellor (Gawharshad University)

Dr. Bakhtawar Farzana Danish

Medical Doctor (Rayan Danish Hospital)

Our History

The Shuhada Organization (SO) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and independent civil society organization dedicated to the welfare and progress of Afghan citizens with a primary focus on the empowerment of women and children.

Shuhada Organization was founded in 1989 to address the total absence of reproductive health care for Afghan women and children and later on, its activities have expanded to the areas of Education, Humanitarian Aid, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Child Protection (Orphanages), human /women rights and gender inclusion, Democracy and Good Governance, and Capacity Building. It was a sign of determination, resolve, and commitment to a human society that faced an existential threat from the invasion and civil war. The organization was founded in Quetta, Pakistan by a young, committed woman Dr. Sima Samar and Abdul Rauf Naveed.

Shuhada Organization (SO) as an Afghan NGO was established to work for the welfare and progress of Afghan citizens with a primary focus on support and empowerment of women and children. The organization was founded to address the absence of health care, including reproductive health care for Afghan refugee women and children with educational programs for them and soon after the establishment of hospital and schools for Afghan refugees in Quetta, Pakistan.

Shuhada Organization expanded its work inside Afghanistan by establishing Hospitals, clinics, and schools for boys and girls. Its activities have expanded in the areas of training of medical staff particularly female nurses and midwives, as it was the only means to better human resources for the reduction of mother and child mortality. Shuhada projects were and are always in accordance with the high standards, commitment, and responsiveness to the basic needs and requirements of the Afghan refugees outside and the people inside of the country.

SO has a democratic structure where the Board of Directors (BoD) and Management Board are the decision-making bodies. SO has strategic commitments and partnerships with existing national organizations and as well as several international organizations. SO have developed partnerships with relevant ministries including the Ministry of Economics and Ministry of Public Health. In all of its activities it takes care to consider national strategic documents such as the Afghan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).