Emergency Relief for Earthquake Survivors in Spera District of Khost Province, July 2022

On Wednesday, 6 July 2022, the Shuhada Organization (SO) implemented an emergency relief project in Spera district of Khost province where a powerful earthquake occurred on 22 June 2022 which left many dead, injured and many houses destroyed.

On this day, the SO distributed food packages for 380 earthquake-affected families. Each family received one food package (i.e. 1 bag of flour=50 Kg, 1 bag of rice=10 Kg, 1 bottle of cooking oil= 5L, 5Kg beans, and 5 packets of pasta).

This project was funded by the Help Committee Schaffhausen (HCS). The SO thank the sincere cooperation of its kind donors for their perpetual support and is thankful to all its other kind supporters as well. It is also mentionable that the officials of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) and the people in the affected district appreciated this aid donated by Site Visit the HCS and implemented by SO.

Moreover, the economy department of the Khost province awarded an appreciation certificate to the Shuhada Organization team for their quality and on time implementation of the emergency relief project. The director of economy department of Khost province, His Excellency Master Shahzada Pir requested the SO team to open a provincial office in Khost, if possible.

Last but not least, the SO is also thankful to the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan (MoE), Economy department of Khost province, Spera district governor, Spera Security team, and all the other people for their cooperation and a good behavior with the implementing team on the ground.

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