ICU Inauguration, Shuhada Hospital Jaghori

On Thursday 01 Sep 2022, the Shuhada Hospital Jaghori with the financial support of world health organization (WHO) inaugurated its ICU department in the presence of district officials, representatives of WHO, PPO, AADA, economy department, district health section, Shuhada Organization main office, community elders, clergies and Shuhada Hospital staff.

This department has the Mechanical Ventilator, Syringe Pump, Defibrillator, Infusion Pump, Oxygen Concentrator, and Patient Monitor, ICU drugs, ICU beds, CTG, ECG, Portable light, Suction machine and Tubes Drains. These machines are donated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Shuhada Hospital Jaghori is providing services not only for Jaghori residents, but it also gives quality services for the people of the neighboring provinces and districts, such as; Oruzgan, Zabul, Gelan, Moqor, Malistan, and etc. It has been about 3 decades that the Shuhada Hospital in Jaghori has been serving the most vulnerable and in need people.

The ICU department covers the patients who are in critical situations and need intensive care like; Sepsis, Stroke, Severe Burns, Poly Trauma, Road Traffic Accidents, Brain Injuries, Heart Attack, Acute Kidney, Respiratory Failure, and etc.

Moreover; the WHO appointed the Shuhada Hospital Director as TCS focal point and needs reports of the trauma patients monthly. If number of the patients in this section increased; there are chances of establishing a Trauma center by WHO in Jaghori district.

The Shuhada Hospital in Jaghori and Shuhada Organization thank the Help Committee Schaffhausen (HCS) for their perpetual support to this district hospital and also thank the WHO for their kind donations with this hospital.

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