Korga Health Sub-Center Inauguration, Ashtarlai District, Daikundi Province

On Friday, April 7, 2023; the Korga health sub-center was inaugurated by Shuhada Organization (SO) with financial support of Help Committee Schaffhausen (HCS)/Afghanistanhilfe in the presence of Daikundi department of public health head, pharmaceutical affairs in charge, in charge of hearing complaints, the HMIS officer of public health department, the provincial office officials of Shuhada organization and the community people. This health sub-center is located in Ashtarlai district of Daikundi province in the center of Afghanistan. This district is located in the northern part of Daikundi province. According to statistics office, its population in 2020 was 61,174 people.

At the beginning of ceremony, Mr. Sarwari, one of the influential and clerics of Korga village, warmly welcomed the participants on behalf of people and appreciated the Public Health department, the donor (HCS) and implementing organization (SO) for their support and activities. He said; before the Shuhada Organization’s activity, the people of this area were deprived of health services, the distance from the last point of Korga to the nearby clinics was about 6 to 7 hours by walk. Long distance had made it difficult for these people to reach to nearby clinics and due to that many mothers and newborns were losing their lives. Following to that, Doctor Samim; the public health directorate head spoke, and after appreciation to the local people, he assured them of providing high- quality service and added that their goal is to serve for the people in health sector. And in case if the people face any problem in health sector, they can refer to the directorate of public health and their problem would be solved through this department or NGOs.

Moreover, Engr. Mohammad Ali Serat the provincial manager of Shuhada Organization in Daikundi appreciated the presence of public health head and local people in the inauguration ceremony and added that: the Shuhada Organization has activity in different sectors and today, we fortunately, witness the fifth clinic inauguration in Daikundi province. He also thanked to the Shuhada Organization leading team and HCS for their efforts for funding this health sub center and providing the medicines. In the end, he thanked to the directorate of public health for their perpetual cooperation, effective and durable supervision of the health centers of Shuhada Organization and requested for their further cooperation.

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