Samar Orphanages Teachers and Personnel Capacity Building Program in Kabul

The Shuhada Organization (SO) conducted a workshop titled “Samar Orphanages Teachers and Personnel Capacity Building Program” at main office in Kabul. The workshop was for one week. In this workshop, some of the managers and teachers from Samar orphanages of Bamyan and Ghazni provinces had attended. The different fruitful subjects were taught by a university teacher holding doctorate degree in educational science and it was actively welcomed by the participants.

The following topics were included;

  • Getting familiar with important concepts and reforms, such as; learning, education, teaching and training and their differences.
  • Getting familiar with the educational system and structure (the basics, goals, methods and principles)
  • Explanations about some of the basics, methods, principles and goals of education
  • Examining of the behavioral and psychological problems of children and teenagers with emphasis on children and teenagers who are living in orphanage.
  • Prevention and treatment methods of the children’s behavioral and psychological problems.
  • Teaching methods and motivation for learning, and introduction of some relevant books for the participants.

In the end, with the presence of the honorable SO director, deputy director, managers and other colleagues, the program ended successfully, and completion certificates were distributed to the participants of this program.

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