Sheep Distribution in Punjab District of Bamyan Province

The Shuhada Organization (SO) implemented a project titled “economic empowerment of women-headed and vulnerable families through sheep distribution” in Punjab district of Bamyan province where economically very poor people live there.

In continuation of many other projects, the SO distributed sheep with its lambs for 31 families (around 204 individuals) that each family received 4 sheep along its lambs. The main purpose of this project was economic empowerment of women and vulnerable families through provision of livestock. This project was funded by the Help Committee Schaffhausen (HCS) and implemented by SO team. The SO as always thank to the sincere cooperation of its kind donors for their perpetual support and is thankful to all its other kind supporters as well. It is also mentionable that the people who live in this district shared their gratitude to the donor and all the other members involve in this project.

Last but not least, the SO is also thankful to the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan (MoE), related governmental offices of Bamyan province, Punjab district governor, and all other individuals for their cooperation and nice behavior with the implementing team on the ground.


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